Our history is one of humble beginnings. We first started out simply by solving our customer's dissatisfaction with their products, either with a formulation change or in receiving  the products in a timely manner. When we first started, we saw a need for a contract manufacturer that could or would produce small or short runs for customers here in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area. We started out with a single semi-automatic pressure filler, a single tank and a few drums. Today, we have automatic fillers and numerous size tanks and kettles with a capacity up the 3000 gallons. We can run 4 full-time lines. We do the small, short runs for the up and coming companies and pilot runs for the big guys.  Our ability to provide outside our local area has also grown worldwide.



As evidenced by our ability to service our customers, we continue to manufacture products today for our very first personal care customer.


Service... "If you're in the contract manufacturing business, then you're in the service business."  We do everything we can to provide our customers with what they need and expect.