Our team here at SIMCO has an average experience level in the industry of between 15 and 18 years. Our chemists have combined experience of over 80 years.  It all begins when you first walk in the door, you are met by our customer oriented, knowledgeable staff.  Our office strives to keep our customers up to date on their products and projects.


Our shipping and receiving personnel are on the front lines. The process begins with assuring raw materials and customer packaging components are received in our warehouse in good condition and meet the specifications of the project. We look at this as being the first step in providing our customers with the product and service they expect.


Quality Assurance also starts here. Incoming materials are then tested and checked to ensure they meet the criteria established by the customer or by SIMCO's R&D department.


The manufacturing and filling of our customer's products will be done to your exact specifications by our fully cross-trained compounders and line personnel who have many years experience in our facility.


Again, this is where Quality comes into play.  While in the process of manufacturing and packaging, the products pass through several checks and controls to assure your specifications are met or exceeded.



After final inspection, your products are carefully prepared for shipping.  We provide Certificates of Analysis, SDS and documentation required by transportation authorities.